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Quality Control is the driving force behind our success. Our team of highly qualified officers makes sure that no product is passed without undergoing strict tests under Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).


Our Vision is to be an organization focused on the future, recognized for challenging healthcare barriers globally. We want to excel in manufacturing the highest quality pharmaceutical products with ethical standards and obligations to do things right and fair.


- To provide Innovative Products through persistent Research and Development
- To become a leading pharmaceutical company known for availability of all new moieties by constantly introducing advanced product range
- To become a preferred employer in the pharma sector

Vatican Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Vatican Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008) was established in the year 2009 with the prime objective of Manufacturing, Marketing, Promoting of Pharmaceutical Specialties and making medicines available also to the man-kind living in the farthest interior and remote places. Last 4-5 year the Company has made progress and is today a leading Pharmaceutical Company in the area of Health Care.

Vatican Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. (An ISO 9001:2008) Is working efficiently and effectively in its domain, gradually established as a renowned exporter and supplier of the tablets, capsules, soft gels, liquids, dry syrups, sachets, gels, injectables and surgical items. Our unique range of products comprises of modern formulations including the anti malarials, anti-coagulants and anti platelets, anti asthmatics, analgesics, liquid lowerine agents, vitamins and many others. We believe in the complete satisfaction of our clients by providing them a qualitative range of product through WHO-GMP certified manufacturing for our diversified and qualitative range of products with the aim of curing all the health related problems in the most effective way from head to toe.

As a fully integrated pharmaceutical company, our purpose is to provide affordable and innovative medicines through our three core businesses :

Pharmaceutical Services and Active Ingredients, comprising our Active Pharmaceuticals and Custom Pharmaceuticals businesses.

Global Generics, which includes branded and unbranded generics.

Proprietary Products, which includes New Chemical Entities (NCEs), Differentiated Formulations, and Generic Biopharmaceuticals.

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